• Appellate and Constitutional Law

    Our attorneys have deep experience in appellate and constitutional law matters, and have briefed and/or argued appeals in federal and state appellate courts around the United States, including the United States and California Supreme Courts.

  • Business Litigation and Arbitration

    Our attorneys are experienced at handling every aspect of complex business litigation, including e-discovery, forensic accounting, retrieving deleted electronic records, trial advocacy and judgment enforcement.

  • Immigration and Visa Law

    We have significant and unique experience in immigration and visa matters and have advised businesses and private equity firms on immigration law compliance matters, and on the visa issues surrounding the travel of employees into the U.S.

  • International Trade and Customs Issues

    We have significant and unique experience in matters involving international trade, customs laws, import and export compliance, and global supply chain law and policy issues, and we have litigated international trade law cases and cases involving compliance with U.S. customs laws.

  • Real Property Law

    We have represented clients in numerous real estate matters, including holding contractors liable for misappropriating funds, resolving disputes with architectural firms, and prosecuting sellers of real property for fraudulent concealment.

    Los Angeles Real Property Law Attorneys
  • U.S. Veterans Rights

    Mr. Obagi is accredited by the U.S. Veterans Administration to represent veterans in any number of proceedings, including seeking service-connect disability benefits, or corrections of discharge codes so that veterans may obtain non-service-connected benefits.


Zein pursued the matter with a sense of personal pride, committing to work well beyond the scope of my expectations.

- James, a Debt Collection client